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Yannick Flohé with almost Flash: Zoolander (9a) & Pure Imagination (8c +)

Yannick Flohé is currently testing his fitness on rock in the United States. The German professional climber scores routes around the ninth French degree in the second attempt.

Record: 10-year-old climbs 8c + Southern Smoke

The 10-year-old Bayes Wilder climbs the 8c + route Southern Smoke in Red River Gorge, Kentucky USA, making climbing history. No one of this age has ever climbed such a difficult route.

Margo Hayes climbs Golden Ticket and Southern Smoke (both 8c +) in a few attempts

Margo Hayes paid a visit to the North American crag Red River Gorge and climbed some classic lines. In just five attempts, she scored Golden...

Michaela Kiersch briefly ticks two 8c's

A few days ago, Michaela Kiersch climbed two 8c routes in the Red River Gorge. At least since the first female inspection of "The Golden Ticket" (LACRUX...

Michaela Kiersch gets the first female ascent of The Golden Ticket

If you prefer to watch inspiring moving pictures instead of TV tonight, we will deliver the film by Michaela Kiersch in a classic route in the Red River...