Yannick Flohé is currently testing his fitness on rock in the United States. The German professional climber scores routes around the ninth French degree in the second attempt.

The last IFSC competition of the season took place about a month ago. For Yannick Flohe was it one the most successful seasons of his career. The German now continues this flight on the rock. Along with his teammate Alexander Megos. he is currently in the United States, more precisely in Kentucky. While most associate the southern state with its barrel-aged bourbon, climbers associate the area with the Red River Gorge.

The Red River Gorge is also the scene for the current peak form of flea. Two days ago he reported his first success, he managed to climb pure imagination (8c +) in only the second attempt. When entering, Flohé jokes that the inspection could actually be seen as an onsight because he can hardly remember the beta.

Yannick Flohé on the inspection of Pure Imagination (8c +) | Video

Then yesterday the 23-year-old doubled. Again on only the second try, he scored Zoolander, a tour that is rated a bit more difficult: 9a. A look at the video of the inspection makes Flohé's performance even more impressive. At a central point he was visibly haphazard until Alexander Megos pointed out an undercut. Flohé obviously has enough reserves to look for holds in a 9a for a long time. Chapeau!

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Credits: Cover picture Michaela Kiersch