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Eiger north face – beyond death | Film tip

The world-class alpinists Stephan Siegrist and Thomas and Alexander Huber want to create a memorial to their unfortunate climbing friends with a new route on the north face of the Eiger.

The Huberbuam - Bluad is thicker than Wossa | TV tip

Thomas and Alexander Huber are the best-known climbing brothers in the world - and a real brand. Together, but also separately, the Huber brothers have opened up new dimensions with their projects and written alpine history. Today at 22.25 p.m. ServusTV shows an exciting portrait of the two exceptional athletes.

Climbing legend Jeff Lowe is dead

One of the greatest alpinists of his time, Jeff Lowe, died last Friday evening at the age of 67. Jeff Lowe loved working in small teams or...

Video of the Metanoia ascent by Huber, Siegrist and Schaeli

In December 2016, the three professional alpinists Stephan Siegrist, Roger Schaeli and Thomas Huber managed to repeat the Eiger route Metanoia for the first time, which was designed by the American Jeff...

Huber, Siegrist and Schaeli repeat Jeff Lowe's route Metanoia on the Eiger

Professional alpinists Thomas Huber, Stephan Siegrist and Roger Schaeli secure the second ascent of Jeff Lowe's legendary "Metanoia" route on the north face of the Eiger. The report...