In his latest video, top Italian climber Stefano Ghisolfi answers user questions about the world's first 9c route, Silence. The spectrum ranges from comparisons to other difficult routes such as Excalibur, the right choice of shoes, to the topic of devaluation.

The Hanhelleren Cave in Flatanger busy Stefano Ghisolfi currently intensively involved Adam Ondras 9c route Silence. Even though he says he arrived without any great expectations and will not be able to attempt another climb during this trip, he has made continuous progress and has already climbed all the individual trains.

The climbing community is keeping a close eye on the Italian professional climber and showering him with questions about his current mega project. In his recent video, Stefano Ghisolfi took the time to answer some of them.

Stefano Ghisolfi answers questions about Silence (9c)

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Credits: Cover picture Nicolo Conterno, Diego Borello and Andrea Bandinelli