The Alpinist is an intimate documentary about visionary mountaineer Marc-André Leclerc. The ascents of remote cliffs that the young Canadian undertook are among the most daring solo tours in history.

There are no cameras, no rope and no room for error Marc-Andre Leclercs Mountaineering the epitome of solo adventures. Director Peter Mortimer (The dawn wall) is fascinated by Leclerc's achievements and wants to make a film about him. But the Canadian solo climber is elusive: he's a reclusive nomad, doesn't own a phone or car, and is rather reluctant to share his raw vision of mountaineering with a film crew.

The alpinist portrays the exceptional climber Marc-André Leclerc, who accomplished his solo ascent primarily far away from the limelight.

Peter Mortimer is finding it difficult to keep up with Leclerc, and at the same time his solo tours are becoming bigger and bolder. Some top climbers marvel at Leclerc's achievements, while others worry that he is taking too many risks. Then Leclerc embarks on a historical adventure in Patagonia that redefines the possibilities of solo mountaineering.

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