It weighs 1340 grams and still offers space for two people plus plenty of material. We took a closer look at the Alto TR2 ultra-light tent from Sea to Summit and tested it for you in our local mountains.

First of all, two features that we Alto TR2 have particularly liked. First: With the ultralight tent from Sea to Summit inner tent, outer shell and poles are packed separately. In this way, you can distribute the already minimal weight over several shoulders. Secondly, the tent can be set up in different configurations depending on the weather conditions.

Sea-to-summit lightweight tent alto climb
On the ascent, the Alto TR2 plays to its ultra-light weight, provided you don't compensate with wine or other fun bivouac gadgets.

Set up in no time

The Alto TR2 is a very simple tent, which is also very intuitive to set up. Color codes make it easier to connect the pole profiles. The rain cover can be connected to the inner tent or the tent footprint in no time at all using milled aluminum clips on all corners – so-called Quick Connect Pole Feet.

The fact that the configuration of the ultralight tent can be adjusted to the weather conditions, as mentioned at the beginning, is pretty cool. For example, when the weather is nice, you can only set up the inner tent and enjoy the starry sky without mosquitoes.

Sea-to-summit lightweight tent alto sunset
All-round protection with inner tent and outer shell.
Fair weather configuration for the 360° perspective.

Conversely, in wet weather, you can assemble the rain cover first and then set up the inner tent when it is dry. Using a separate tent pad is not only worthwhile when it rains. The so-called Lightfoot extends the lifespan of the tent floor, especially if you regularly spend the night on a rough surface.

Video: Alto TR2 ultralight tent construction

Two people plus luggage

As far as space goes, the Alto TR2 does what it says on the tin, with room for two adults and plenty of gear. With a width of 97 centimeters in the foot area and 134 centimeters in the head area, the sleeping area is designed to be rather cuddly for two strong adults.

Sea-to-summit lightweight tent-alto-enjoy
The Alto TR2 weighs just 1340 grams and is easy to set up. So you can enjoy the sunset with wine and aperitifs.

The room climate is more generous when sitting in the head and shoulder area, thanks to the so-called Tension Ridge architecture. Because the poles are bent like a bird's wings, the inner tent is actively lifted and pulled outwards at the same time.

Ultralight tent Alto TR2 Tension Ridge
The advantages of the Tension Ridge architecture at a glance. Image: Sea to Summit

The two side entrances are also extremely generously equipped. A large backpack, cooking utensils and other equipment can easily be accommodated there. It's a bit of a shame that the tent floor and the tent pad only cover the sleeping area and all the material outside of the inner tent is on the ground.

The large side entrances make it easier to get in and out and offer enough space to store material.

Refined details

The ultra-light tent from Sea to Summit is not only optimized and well thought out in terms of weight. The Alto TR2 also offers numerous features that make life in the great outdoors easier. For example, the storage bags of the inner and outer tent serve as storage compartments. The pole cover, together with the transparent diffuser and one or more headlamps, can be transformed into a light source that provides soft lighting inside the tent.

The tensioning system of the tent also fully convinced us. First of all, the individual components can be hung in loosely and then tightened in a targeted and very precise manner in a second step. Another clever detail: small loops on the pegs ensure that you can easily pull them out of the ground again.

Two versions

Sea to Summit offers the Alto TR2 ultralight tent in two versions. The TR2 – the one we tested – with the above-mentioned configuration options is particularly suitable for summer tours. The TR2 Plus comes with a closed inner tent fabric, which also protects against wind and weather. This makes it a flawless three season tent.

Fast up? No problem with the Alto TR2.

Alto TR2 – The two-person ultralight tent at a glance

  • Dimensions base: 215 x 135 x 97 cm
  • Packed Weight: 1340g
  • The Tension Ridge elevates the shape of the tent to create more usable head and shoulder room.
  • Color-coded, ultra-strong and lightweight pole set and Quick Connect Pole Feet make setup easy.
  • Fair Share Storage System: The tent packs into 3 stuff sacks to share the load. Once set up, the stuff sacks transform into pockets for gear.
  • Particularly durable and waterproof thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as DAC poles, YKK zippers, 7-series aluminum hardware and a seam-sealed PeU-coated rain cover.
  • Lightbar: Place a headlamp in the appropriate pack sack and attach it to the tent poles at the top of the tent for soft, even lighting.
  • The rain cover can be set up beforehand to ensure dry assembly and disassembly.

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