You will never be able to eliminate the danger of avalanches. However, you can prepare yourself for emergencies. Avalanche transceivers (LVS), probes and shovels can save lives. Bächli Bergsport offers the three items of avalanche equipment in a lucrative package.

A contribution by Fabian Reichle - Bächli Bergsport

The danger of avalanches is as real as the snow-covered mountain peaks are so beautiful. You will never be able to avoid them completely, but the risk of an accident can be greatly reduced. In addition to well-founded tour planning, this also includes practiced handling of the avalanche equipment.

Handling these, procedures and technology are best learned with professionals in courses - for example with the Mountain guide offers from Bächli on Tour.

With its extensive Bächli-on-Tour offer, Bächli offers a helping hand when it comes to getting started in mountain sports.
Bächli offers with its extensive Bächli-on tour-Offer hand when entering the mountain sport.

Avalanche transceiver safety set – put together by professionals

Even if the equipment, especially the avalanche transceiver, has fortunately become more and more efficient and intuitive over time, the wide range of products can overwhelm beginners in particular. After all, a purchase needs to be carefully considered, because no compromises should be made when it comes to life-saving equipment.

As an aid, Bächli Bergsport has been offering a safety set put together by specialists for a number of years. This is also the case for the current winter season.

The safety set includes the Mammut Barryvox avalanche transceiver, the Stealth 240 probe and the Dozer 1T shovel – both from the BCA brand. The selection was tailored primarily for those new to ski touring.
The Safety set includes the transceiver Barryvox from mammoth, the probe stealth 240 and the shovel Dozer 1T – both from the BCA brand. The selection was tailored primarily for those new to ski touring.

The Barryvox from Mammut: Reliable classic

With the Barryvox comes with the Safety Set an absolute classic. The very first avalanche transceiver was developed under this name in 1968. Mammut has perfected technology and handling over the decades - the device is not only steeped in history, but is also one of the most reliable and efficient of all.

Three antennas, a search strip width of 70 meters and reduced to essential functions, the current version of the Barryvox presents itself as solid as usual. The automatic transmission switchover is also practical if the device does not move for more than 4 minutes in search mode. In the case of secondary avalanches in particular, this can severely affect the chance of survival.

Three antennas, a search strip width of 70 meters, automatic transmission switching: the Barryvox is a classic among transceivers.
Three antennas, 70 meter search strip width, automatic transmission switching: Das Barryvox is a classic among the avalanche transceivers.

The stealth probe from BCA: With color to more efficiency

At first glance, a probe may not need much explanation. But it is precisely here that the small differences are enormously important.

The 240cm long stealth probe from BCA is provided with orange color markings, which enable the snow depth to be read off quickly. The large lettering contributes the rest. With the Quick-Lock system, the probe made of robust aluminum, which can be folded up to a small size, is ready for use in a flash.

BCA's stealth probe

The Dozer 1T shovel from BCA: work tool for rough work

BCA's Dozer 1T Bucket

Shoveling in an avalanche cone is exhausting, with the clock ticking anyway. It is all the more important to carry a shovel in your backpack that performs well. As with the probe, details can save lives.

The shank of Dozer Shovel from BCA is concave on both sides - this makes the device stiffer and more efficient to handle. With the T-handle, rescuers also get more power and easier leverage in the snow masses.

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