41-year-old Italian mountaineer Corrado 'Korra' Pesce has died in an accident on Cerro Torre in Patagonia. He climbed together with the Argentine mountaineer Tomás Aguiló, when an avalanche of rocks and ice hit the two. Aguiló managed to rappel and alert the rescue. The bad weather prevented the rescue of the badly injured Corrado Pesce.

UPDATE 31.01.2022/14.53/XNUMX – XNUMX:XNUMX PM

Carolina Codo from the El Chalten Alpine Rescue Center has confirmed Corrado Pesce's death, according to the Italian news portal italy24.com and the portal explorersweb.com. "He can't be alive anymore. At this altitude and without adequate protective equipment, there is a risk of frostbite after a maximum of two hours,” explains Codo.

Article of January 30, 2022

Almost three weeks have passed since Robert Grasegger in a tragic accident at Aguja Guillaumet lost his life. Now the next shocking news from El Chalten in Patagonia is reaching us: the 41-year-old mountaineer Corrado Pesce and his rope partner Tomas Aguilo were hit by an avalanche in their bivouac at Cerro Torre.

Both were seriously injured. Aguiló managed to abseil under his own power and alerted the rescue workers. However, he had to leave Korra behind in the east wall.

Accident Patagonia Corrado Pesce
Corrado Pesce had a serious accident at Cerro Torre.

Aguiló injured but safe

A rescue operation with numerous helpers, including the German mountaineer Thomas huber, Roger Schäli and the Spanish brothers Iker and Eneko Pou, helped bring Aguiló to safety. He was flown to the SAMIC hospital in El Calafate in an Argentine army helicopter.

Weather foils rescue of Corrado Pesce

On Saturday, the rescuers decided with a heavy heart to interrupt the rescue operation of Corrado Pesce. The weather deteriorated rapidly. The climber's chances of survival are estimated to be low.

"Attempts to reach the climber were unsuccessful due to the adverse weather conditions in the area and the falling rocks and ice."

Hermanos Pou

With every hour that passes, Korra's hope dwindles. Rescuers believe Italian mountaineer Corrado Pesce has no chance of survival.

New route through the north face

The two mountain guides Corrado Pesce and Tomás Aguiló managed to find a new route on the north face of the Cerro Torre to open. A milestone for alpinism, which is now overshadowed by this tragic accident.

Corrado Pesce has a long history of difficult mountaineering, both in the Alps and in Patagonia and even in the Himalayas, where he shared the mythical one with Martín Elías, Sebastien Coret and Damien Tomasi Impossible Star repeated on Bhagirathi III. With Martín Elías he committed the routes Directe de l'Amitie (2014) and Rolling Stones (2015) at the Grandes Jorasses. Together with Manu Córdova they climbed the Aiguille Mermoz and the Egger Tower.

He made headlines in March of last year when he followed in the footsteps of Will Sim on the West Face of Dru Walter Bonati occurred.

Both Korra Pesce and Tomy Aguiló are elite mountaineers and UIAGM guides. Together they did the first iteration of 2016 Psycho Vertical carried out on the Egger Tower for 29 years. The successful team also included Roli Striemitzer, Iñaki Coussirat and Carlitos Molina.

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