About 150 athletes participate in the second competition of the World Cup season in Chongqing (China). Switzerland is represented by Andrea Kümin and Petra Klingler.

The second competition of the IFSC season will again focus on bouldering. The qualifying round will start tomorrow with the men at 9.45 (GMT + 8). The qualification of the ladies is at 15.00 clock (GMT + 8). Andrea Kümin and Petra Klingler are fighting for glory and honor for Switzerland. Andrea will compete in bouldering and speed. The speed competitions are on Sunday.

The competitions can be followed live via the IFSC YouTube stream. More on: https://www.youtube.com/user/ifscchannel

Andrea Kümin together with Gejo Stasa in Chongqing
Andrea Kümin together with Gejo Stasa in Chongqing

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Credits: Picture Andrea Kümin


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