The Tyrolean Christof Rauch succeeds once again in the commission of a heavy line on Swiss soil. On the 30. May 2019 he secures with the passage of La Grosse Tarlouze in the Magic Wood the first repetition of the 8c-Boulder.

On the driveway days was high in the Swiss Bouldergebiet Magic Wood, Among the many visitors was the Tyrolean Christof Rauch, He succeeded in the first repetition of the Boulder La Grande Tarlouze, a classic 40 trains combination Never ending Story with the line La Tarlouze. The line was first completed by Michael Piccolruaz four years ago.

“Follow the big ramp to the left. From then on, it's about 16 moves for me to a resting point on the top handle of Massive Attack. This is followed by another sequence in which you can drain. I tried the boulder every now and then as a side project. Since I can't hold a ledge that is too small at the moment, I looked at the boulder again. Today I fell down at the very end twice and on the third attempt I was lucky enough to fight my way to the top. "

Christof Rauch on the passage of La Grosse Tarlouze

La Grosse Tarlouze is the third 8c boulder this year Christof Rauch.

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Credits: Titelbild Christof Rauch

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