After eight years of designing, Dave Graham recently launched the 8c + Boulder Hypnotized Minds at Rocky Mountain National Park, USA.

Snowstorms, a ring band break, a broken kick and of course the boulder itself made the bouldering pro Dave graham for years a line through the bill. A visit simply did not succeed. But he did not let up and drove to the spring and fall every year Rocky mountain national parkto be at the of Daniel Woods Project first line. He declined any climbing trips and projects in the respective seasons. He put everything on a map: Hypnotized Minds, 8c +.

Dave Graham when designing Hypnotized Minds. (Picture Jon Cardwell)

Daniel Woods decides later on the revaluation of the Boulder

The Boulder Hypnotized Minds was 2010 by the American in October Daniel Woods first arrived and rated 8c. Six years later, Daniel decided to upgrade the boulder to 8c +.

“When I first started the boulder in 2010, I didn't have a lot of experience with evaluating lines of this level of difficulty. I was able to climb Hypnotized Minds in a relatively short time and decided on 8c. Hypno is completely my style and still I had to pull it off. Paul Robinson and Dave Graham are currently projecting the boulder and they both said the line should be rated with 8c +.

Daniel Woods on the revaluation of the Boulder in the year 2016

Climbing shoes as a key factor for Dave Graham

Back to the Odyssey of Dave graham, Slowly but surely he got used to riding alone to the boulder and shoveling snow from the block for hours and drying the handles. Often without success. Until October of this year. The conditions were not perfect, but good enough to make serious attempts. According to Dave his new climbing shoe was an important piece of the puzzle that helped him to get through. Thanks to the new shoe, he was able to better the one step in the key position. On Tuesday, 8. October 2019, the stamina of the 36 year old has paid off: he commits Hypnotized Minds (8c +).

Dave Graham designing the Boulnot Hypnotized Minds six years ago

Dave Graham vs. Hypnotized Minds 8C from The Island on Vimeo.

Daniel Woods on the Boulders

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Credits: pictures Cameron Maier, Matty Hong and Jon Cardwell