Since her return to the United States sets Alex Puccio her wave of success. You succeed five hard boulders, including Epochalypse (8b), Carnage (8b) and Chimichanga (8b).

In the months of April and May, the American Alex Puccio was in the Swiss bouldering areas and made, among other things with the celebration of the 8b + Boulders Heritage im Val Bavona aware of oneself. On the first day of her return to the US, she then reported the commission of Epochalypse (8b) and writes:

"Went to just hang out and have a little play and then surprised myself with a quick send of Epochalypse and no bleeding tips."

One day - three 8er-Boulder climbed

Right on track, Alex came on Monday, 1. July, when she arrived in one day Chimichanga Classic (8a +), Chimichanga (8b) and Dia-a-bolical (8a). Your companion, Isabelle Faus, Incidentally, the commission of 8b boulder Jeremiah Low took over. We only say: women's power!

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Credits: Cover picture Cameron Maier / Bearcam


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