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Recent bouldering videos | Roadkill, Tomba & Co

It's no secret: Ticino has had perfect climbing conditions for a long time. This was used by various pros to score heavy lines. So Dave Graham and Clement Lechaptois got the fourth and fifth ascent of Roadkill 8C. Nils Favre from western Switzerland gets Tomba 8B+ and Heritage 8B/+ as well as General Dissaray 8B and Casavino 8B+ in one day.

Brooke Raboutou boulders Iur (8b+) and Heritage (8b)

On the last day of her stay in Switzerland, Brooke Raboutou manages two difficult boulders: Iur (8b +) and Heritage (8b).

This video makes you excited: Clem Lechaptois flashes Heritage

The French Clément Lechaptois managed a flash ascent of the 8b-Boulder Heritage in Sonlerto.

He came, saw and climbed: Vadim Timonov in Switzerland

The Russian Vadim Timonov stayed in Switzerland for about a month. We have rarely seen such an impressive ticklist.

Hard Ticino boulders: Daniel Woods with Off the Wagon - Alex Puccio with Heritage

While the American Daniel Woods climbed the Val Bavona classic Off the Wagon (8b +), Alex Puccio managed to inspect Heritage, also 8b +.