The German boulderer Jan Hojer gets after many attempts the second repetition of the Chris Sharma classic Es Pontas (9a +), a deep water soloing route in Mallorca.

Jan Hojer For the first time in 2016, he worked on the route for about a week Es Pontas (9a +) in Mallorca, before his Slovenian colleague Jernej Kruder Joined him and tried for a month to try the route for a second ascent. At the time, only Jernej Kruder did it (video below). Jan was denied access at that time.

Plagued by bad conditions

Jernej managed the ascent on the last day of the trip together. Full of motivation, Jan decided to stay a week longer, but the route was permanently wet because of the bad conditions. In the hope of better conditions Jan Hojer flew to Mallorca again in the same year, but the conditions were bad again.

Several attempts to climb

In September of this year, Jan Hojer returned and was able to hold the famous dynamic train on the second day. Accordingly, the motivation was great and so followed the passage of the Deep Water Soloing route Es Pontas (9a +) just days later. Overall, Jan invested around 30 days, which corresponds to about 100 trials. The difficulty of the route is not easy to judge, but probably lies with 9a +.

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Video of the commemoration of the DWS route Es Pontas by Jan Hojer

Video about Chris Sharma's first ascent of Es Pontas

Video about the second ascent of Es Pontas by Jernej Kruder

Credits: picture Kerstin Helbach


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