Are you traveling for a long time or do you want to warm up efficiently before getting through your project? For such moments, there is now an ingenious solution: Mobile fingerboard. One of the most sophisticated models is the Awesome Woody by Australian Ross Ferguson. We have received a copy and tested. Here is the report.

No no. We do not receive any money for this contribution. Ok, we got the board for free. If, after reading it, you think "Why are they writing so positively?", Then that has nothing to do with the fact that we think the Awesome Woody is simply awesome. Honest. But now to the point. We see exactly three fields of application for mobile fingerboards, hangboards, fingerboards or whatever you want to call them:

  1. You want to warm up specifically for a route and not spend any unnecessary energy in a warm-up route.
  2. You have no or limited time to climb on a longer journey.
  3. You want to move the training from your dusty torture basement into the sunny garden or city park.

Efficient warm-up program and training on the go

Imagine driving four weeks on a VW bus through Italy. Your travel companions are your partner and a six-month daughter. Those who climb themselves and have small children who knows what we are looking for: Climbing with small children is not an easy task.

In a short time ready for a serious attempt

And this is where the Awesome Woody comes in: Quickly hang on the tree and hang on it. Within a relatively short time you can warm up adequately for difficult routes. As soon as the offspring say goodbye to his 30 minute sleep phase, they give a try. If you had to warm up in easier routes, you would have no chance to make a serious attempt during the sleep break in the project.

If you do not have the problem with young children, you may know the following situation. Imagine an area like the Voralpsee. There are numerous routes in the upper seventh and eighth French degree. Either you warm yourself for the first time in the only 6er route of the area or very carefully boulder your project up and clinging as little as possible on the small bars. Not an easy undertaking in an area like the Voralpsee. A mobile fingerboard like the Awesome Woody offers bars and holes in different sizes. Targeted and faster warm-up can be achieved in no other way.

Keep the performance on the way

A fingerboard will not only serve for efficient warm up on a longer trip or at home before your project. Much more allows you to train specifically. So if you do not have the time or the opportunity to climb during your holidays, but do not want to lose your stamina and strength, you should take a mobile fingerboard with you. It can be mounted anywhere and easily.

A mobile fingerboard can be hung almost anywhere. Here on deck.
A mobile fingerboard can be hung almost anywhere. Short training session on deck.

With a fingerboard like the Awesome Woody, you can maintain a high level of training in short sessions (3 x 1 hour per week) - or even improve it. Ideally, you complement your training, just like at home, with strengthening the antagonists and stretching exercises.

Exercising at sunset

We leave the field of application of those who are traveling for a long time. That's the minority. Many have mounted themselves at home but a fingerboard over the door frame in the basement or in the living room. But the thing is rarely used. Who wants to torment on a balmy summer evening in the basement on the fingerboard, when the sun is shining outside. It is much more interesting to hang up a mobile fretboard in the garden after work and complete a short training session. But of course you have to apply a certain amount of motivation for the training here as well.

The Awesome Woody summarily mounted on the tree.
The Awesome Woody summarily mounted on the tree.

The Awesome Woody presented in the video

But now briefly to the Awesome Woody. There are different versions: an extra wide, an extra small and a large model. You can find out more about this at, And here is a short video by Ross Ferguson.

The front of the Awesome Woody

Awesome Woody - Portable fretboard
The front offers bars in different sizes and two handles.

The back of the Awesome Woody

Awesome Woody fretboard back
The back of the Awesome Woody is riddled with three, two and one-finger holes!

For those who find the Awesome Woody as ingenious as we are. Here you can find more information. And thanks to LACRUX, you will receive an exclusive 5% discount. Just enter the following code when ordering:

Andrea Kümin on a mobile fingerboard

And here's the proof that not only do we find mobile fingerboards a good thing. The following video shows the young Swiss talent Andrea Kümin during a session on a homemade mobile fingerboard. It is homemade, or Andrea?

A post shared by Andrea Kümin (@andrea_kuemin) am

Credits: pictures Awesome Woody


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