He is a well-regarded guest of the Swiss bouldering areas: Jernej Kruder. In early March, he paid a visit to various areas and filled his ticklist despite some adverse circumstances.

The Boulder Overall World Cup winner 2018 made short process in early March Brione, First, he flashed the 8a classic Entwash and immediately afterwards opened a new 7c / 8a Boulder: Collaboration. The new line is a "pull-in problem" that Jernej climbed very dynamically. Collaboration is therefore very reminiscent of the bouldering problems, as they are screwed in today's competitions. Means with a wink Jernej on collaboration: "Sitting start is possible, dear people!". We are curious to see who will dare to sit down and how difficult it will be.

Video: Jernej Kruder at the first ascent of Collaboration

Despite soaking wet, Jernej climbs the 8b Boulder Amber in Brione

Als ob Amber with his 8b rating would not be hard enough, the Slovene climbs the line despite wet exit. Chapeau, let's just say that! More Boulder, the Jernej in Brione are climbed Casavino (8b +) and Blinded by the Light (8b). A relatively new boulder he climbed in Val Bavona: Grande Gigante GentileFirst attained by Giuliano Cameroni in the year 2017).

Jernej on the ascent of Casavino in Brione

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Credits: Cover picture Jernej Kruder


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  1. Wow, he's in a great shape. The competition season has not started yet and he has already won the Gorntweltcup 2019 :-)

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