The Frenchwoman Melissa Le Nevé climbs with Mécanique élémentaire (8b +) not only the most difficult boulder for her so far, but also won a small title. She is the first woman who can climb a boulder of this grade in Fontainebleau.

Melissa is strong, very strong. Three months after the 27-year-old was able to crack an 8b boulder, she has now managed the line that Sébastien Frigault started for the first time Mécanique élémentaire (8b +) in Recloses near Fontainebleau.

For the first time a Fontainebleau 8b in the year 2002

To make it clear what Melissa actually did, here are a few facts. In 2002, Catherine Miquel became the first woman to climb an 8b boulder in Fontainebleau. Only Melissa Le Nevé has made it to this level with La cicatrice de L'Ohm in December 2016. And now she has gone one better. Chapeau!

Hunting for Female Ascents

If you look at Melissa's ascents, you might think that she is on the hunt for Female First Ascents. In 2015 she succeeded in the first female ascent of the "Big Five" on the course at Cuver Rempart. A year earlier, she had the first female ascent of the route Wall Street in the Frankenjura. The route is the first 8c tour in the world, first by Wolfgang Güllich in the year 1987.

Video of the celebration of Jérémy Bonder

Unfortunately, there is no video of Melissa's ascent. Remedy is the inclusion of Jérémy Bonder.

Melissa's comment on the visit

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