Two days ago Slovenian athlete Jernej Kruder showed how strong he is on the rope AND above the crashpad. One day after he made the third ascent of the route Bi Herri, Borokka Bat (9a) on his account, he snapped the Spanish boulder test piece by Chris Sharma, Catalan Witness the Fitness (8c) in the Cova de l'Ocell.

His climbing and bouldering he comments as follows:

Fuuuuu * k yeah !!! Yesterday I managed to make a third ascent of this very beautiful route Bi herri, borokka bat 9a, at Cova del ocell. Just before I sent it, I gave a good try in Catalan witness the fitness, 8c boulder test piece from @chris_sharma. Unfortunately I fell on the last moves, which are not harder than 7a. Today I came back for revenge and got shot down for 3 times after the crux move. Without any pressure and with very tired body, I gave it another go. Again stucked the hardest move, but somehow found just enough of aggression to pull out every piece of energy I had left, to finish this 22 moves boulder line. It was unbelievable! Making 9a route and 8c boulder in 2 days is just something wonderful?

Video in Catalan witness the fitness

Here Kruder still failed on the last moves of the Monster Boulder Catalan Witness the Fitness.

Video of Kruder bouldering in Mogan, Gran Canaria

And because it's so inspiring, here's a video of Kruder Jernej with the Slovenian team bouldering in Gran Canaria.

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