A few days ago, the American bouldering professional Paul Robinson climbed a boulder with a difficulty of at least 1000a for the 8th time.

The first 8a boulder for Paul Robinson was The Egg in Squamish in 2003. Since then he has climbed 21 8c boulder, flashed several 8a + and 8b boulder and increased the number of 8 boulder a few days ago to a whopping 1 lines.

"Where. What an incredible trip. I am so thankful for life that I have. Can I manage 1 more boulders in this degree? ”

Paul Robinson

Originally Paul Robinson wanted the thousandth boulder in the Switzerland climb. He planned a longer stay at the Ticino Earlier this year, due to the Corona pandemic however, turned his travel plans inside out and returned to his homeland, USA.

Back home built one training wall in the garden and made sure that his fitness level remained high. Because during his short time in Switzerland he climbed one difficult boulder after another. Quarantine training has paid off. A few days ago Paul climbed two 8b boulders Coal Creek Boulder, USA, reaching number 999 (Muscle Car High) and 1 (Get Laid).

“I am not sure whether 2 boulders are possible in the eighth degree of French. But I'll give it my all and try to climb another 000 boulders to this degree. ”

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in an interview with LACRUX

A month ago we spoke to Paul Robinson about his time in Switzerland, the overvaluation of bouldering in Ticino and the boulder problem that he would have liked to have climbed as a thousandth.

Paul Robinson inspecting the 8b + Boulder Momentum

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Credits: Cover picture Paul Robinson