The reigning bouldering world champions Petra Klingler and Andrea Kümin reach the semi-finals of the women at the first competition of the bouldering world cup here in Meiringen. Among the German-speaking neighbors, Alma Bestvater, Hannah Meul (Germany) and Katharina Saurwein (Austria) made it to the semi-finals. The best result was achieved by the British Shauna Coxsey.

“It's great to be back in competition mode. Although it was mentally demanding, I bouldered pretty well here in Meiringen, ”said Petra Klingler, commenting on her entry into the semi-finals. The reigning world champion reached 3rd place in the qualifying round.

The winners will be announced on Saturday at 20.30

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 8th, the semifinals and finals of the first competition of the Bouldering World Cup will take place in Meiringen. The semi-finals are on the program from 11.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m. The winners of the women and men will be announced at 20.30 p.m. LACRUX reports from the event.

Video by Andrea Kümin

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Video by Petra Klingler

Videos by Shauna Coxsey

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List of semi-finalists

StartNr NAME Birth Year Nation
1 130 READ Hung Ying 1985 TPE
2 167 BLAIR COYLE Sierra 1994 USA
3 151 Meul Hannah 2001 GER
4 171 Bestvater Sould 1996 GER
5 186 Lukan Life 2000 SLO
6 122 Mascareñas Megan 1997 USA
7 138 Kümin Andrea 1997 SUI
8 164 SA Salt 1994 KOR
9 147 KADIC Katja 1995 SLO
10 165 CAULIER Chloe 1996 BEL
11 127 Kotake May 1997 JPN
12 162 GIBERT Fafa 1993 FRA
13 190 HILY Manon 1994 FRA
14 126 TRACY Michaela 1991 GBR
15 163 GEJO Stasa 1997 SRB
16 124 Saurwein Catherine 1987 TUE
17 121 KLINGLER Petra 1992 SUI
18 159 NONAKA Miho 1997 JPN
19 166 GARNBRET Janja 1999 SLO
20 120 COXSEY Shauna 1993 GBR

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