The Italian Stefan Scarperi manages the second repetition of the heavy 8c boulder iron sit in the Malta valley.

Drove about two weeks ago Stefan Scarperi to the Austrian Maltatal and climbed the standing start version of Iron (8b +). The of Klem Loskot Line started in 2002 is on a beautiful block that looks like it has been cut off.

At the beginning of his stay, Stefan also tried the seat start version. When the success did not come immediately, he turned to other blocks.

Stefano Scarperi while walking on an iron sit (8c) in the Malta Valley. (Photo by Stefan Scarperi)

He climbed numerous boulders in the eighth French degree, including The power of goodbye (8b), Wrestling with an alligator (8b). Then last weekend he returned to iron.

"Yes! I climbed the iron. What a fantastic problem! ”

Stefan Scarperi after inspecting the boulder

Stefan cracked the 8c boulder after just three days of project planning. The performance is all the more astonishing when you consider that the iron is the first 8c boulder for Stefano.

Iron sit was first developed by Nalle Hukkataival committed in May 2014 and only experienced a repetition of before Stefan Scarperi Jakob Schubert (April 2015).

Video: Stefan Scarperi while walking on an iron sit (8c)

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Credits: Cover picture Stefan Scarperi