The German boulderer Thomas Lindinger gets the fourth ascent of the boulder Bokassa's Fridge - Assassin Monkey and Man (8c) in the Kochel area. The video of the inspection follows the article

Tom Lindinger began designing the line in the fall of last year, when Christof Rauch unveiled a new beta for smaller ones.

"Because I was able to start standing up, I suddenly thought about trying the sitting start (8c)."

Thomas Lindinger

Thus, Thomas Lindinger started designing the line, which was first given by Toni Lamprecht, and was later on the block from 10 to 15 sessions.

"The key to success was certainly the fact that I was able to try the boulder often because it is near Munich and I also like the style."

Tom on the inspection of Bokassa's Fridge
Thomas Lindinger planning the boulder Bokassa's Fridge. (Photo Thomas Lindinger)

Q&A with Tom Lindinger

Tom Lindinger answered the questions of his followers on instagram. The result is a kind of mini-interview.

Do you think that 8c + is possible for you?
I didn't think I could boulder 8c. Therefore…

You climbed the boulder pretty fast, right?
Yes. That surprised me too. Otherwise, I always need a relatively long time to climb a big project.

How do you stay motivated for a long time in a difficult project?
It hooks me quickly, if it does not go as I had hoped. Then only one thing helps: Distance to the project for a few days. I will not return until I am motivated.

Do you also climb competitions?
I have that earlier. But my passion is rock climbing!

Video of the ascent of the boulder Bokassa's Fridge - Assassin Monkey and Man

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Credits: Pictures Thomas Lindinger