Critical Force System building instructions bouldering

how strong are you really Test yourself

With the Critical Force Test, you can determine your available maximum strength, your long-term muscular endurance and the energy storage in your forearms. Today Philipp Bulling will show you how you can set up your own test station for less than 100 euros and thus optimize your training.

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Ghisolfi Wide Boyz bouldering

Stefano Ghisolfi amazes Wide Boyz | Video

The ominous basement of wide boyz Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall is the ultimate rift torture chamber. Anyone who is invited to lend a hand can be self-reliant. And if you also make a good trap, you are almost in crack Olympus. Stefano Ghisolfi recently paid his respects and amazed the Wide Boyz.

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alex-megos-strong-fingers bouldering

This is how your fingers become really strong

Anyone who, like Alex Megos, has become strong on the finger holes in Franconian Switzerland and has trained for years with professional trainers such as Dicki Korb or Patrick Matros should be the perfect place to go when it comes to finger strength. In his latest video, the German climbing professional shows various exercises that you can use to build up your finger strength.

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Stefano Ghisolfi BOD Replica bouldering

Stefano Ghisolfi shines on Burden of Dreams Replica | Video

We have known since Excalibur at the latest: Stefano Ghisolfi is in top form. And since his king line in Arco requires a lot of maximum strength, the Italian climbing pro has plenty of power when bouldering. He demonstrated this impressively during a visit to Sheffield, where he attempted to flash the Burden of Dreams replica.

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Niky Ceria Off the Wagon low bouldering

Bouldering world elite besieged blocks in Ticino

The international bouldering elite are currently cavorting in the Swiss sun parlor - from Woods to Graham, they are all there. This high density of strong climbers is also reflected in the fact that numerous classics have been repeated, hard boulders have been projected and new lines have been climbed for the first time.

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Swiss Climbing Cup bouldering

Follow the Swiss Climbing Cup in the live stream

With the first of three bouldering competitions, the national competition season 2023 starts on Saturday, March 4th in the Spinnerei Indoor bouldering hall in Ibach. Further stations are the Minimum Leutsch bouldering hall in Zurich-Oerlikon on March 18th and L'Entrepôt in Bulle on April 1st.

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Alex-Megos-never-send-trip bouldering

Megos is flat, Flohé clears | Video

It's no secret that failure is part of climbing. In his latest video, Alex Megos shows that the best in the sport are no different. While he shoots and still can't get anything done, Yannick Flohé solves one high-end boulder problem after the other.

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