A full hall with a loud audience and motivated athletes met at this year's German Championship in the Lead in Darmstadt. The result was an outstanding competition in which two favorites ended up on the top podium: Frederike Fell and David Firnenburg.

The German championship in lead was already under a good star long before the start: the DAV climbing center Darmstadt was already completely sold out in advance. The spectators in the hall and in front of the screens were offered a lot: Many top athletes competed in Darmstadt. "I am very pleased with the line-up, so that so many strong athletes have come to Darmstadt," said national coach Urs Stöcker at the beginning. Defending champion Jan Hojer, Yannick Flohé, Sebastian Halenke and David Firnenburg went as a favorite at the start. For the ladies, two German champions went into the race for the next title: Alma's best father and Frederike Fell. Their toughest competitors, Hannah Meul and Johanna Holfeld, were missing. Her places were taken by two extremely strong local women: Käthe Atkins and Florence Grünewald.

The three best placed in the lead competition in Darmstadt
The three best placed in the lead competition in Darmstadt

Final with long endurance routes

Once again, the men had to go through a very long route that was constantly overhanging. Here, large volumes and bad crescent-shaped handles alternated. The crux came around train 34: After the arms had to endure some preloading, it went through a strongly overhanging passage with many small handles, which were also far apart. David Firnenburg as the last starter in the wall, solved the Toehook passage of his competitors without a toehook and managed two more moves. He became German Champion after 2014 for the second time. "I had fun, made no mistakes and got the best out of it," said David Firnenburg after the competition.

Ranks one to three in the men

  1. David Firnenburg
  2. Philipp Martin
  3. Martin Tekles

In the women's event, Frederike Fell entered as the last finalist. The Dynamo of the final route in the ladies, she jumped confidently and climbed loosely and controlled further - until she finally held the top handle in the hands and drove the diversion - within the specified six minutes. "The tour was really cool and the crowd really pushed me," said the singer. She finishes this season as German Lead, Speed, and Olympic Combined Champion.

Ranks one to three in the ladies

  1. Frederike Fell
  2. Solveig Koherr
  3. Kathe Atkins

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