Today Tuesday the starting shot was fired in women's bouldering at the World Championships in Innsbruck. The 112 starters were divided into two groups. In Group A, Akiyo Noguchi from Japan prevailed. In Group B, Janja Garnbret from Slovenia was the only one who managed five out of five boulders. The reigning bouldering world champion Petra Klingler qualified with 2 tops and 4 zones as sixth in her group for the bouldering semi-finals. For the other Swiss women, Anne-Sophie Koller (39th) and Andrea Kümin (53rd), the bouldering competition is over after qualification. 

On extremely difficult bouldering and in hot temperatures in the climbing center Innsbruck, the athletes in both groups had to fight for every grip. In the end, only 35 boulders ever managed a top. With Akiyo Noguchi, Janja Garnbret and Miho Nonaka the top favorites qualified without problems for the semi-final on Friday.

Petra Klingler qualifies as the only Swisswoman for the semifinals in bouldering.
Petra Klingler qualifies as the only Swisswoman for the semifinals in bouldering.

Austrians continue their course

Berit Schwaiger qualified as the best Austrian in 5th place in her group. “On the last boulder, it was good that I climbed it. I knew I could climb it and got everything out of it. Before that it was a really tough lap, you could see that in everyone. So I'm very satisfied, ”said the Tyrolean afterwards. Leading world champion Jessica mushroom was able to approach the qualification relaxed after she had already achieved her big goal at the weekend. “I took a more relaxed approach to the bouldering qualification because I have already achieved my goal. The first boulders didn't go so well. It only went better from the fourth boulder onwards. Compared to the last World Cups, the boulders here in Innsbruck were much more difficult to tackle. I'm going into the semi-finals with a good and relaxed feeling. ”Johanna Färber also showed a strong performance and made it up. However, the Graz native injured her elbow on the last boulder: “It went well up to the last boulder. Unfortunately, I then hurt myself and couldn't give everything anymore. I hope that I will be fit again for the semifinals! "

Katharina Saurwein continues farewell tour in the semifinals

For local hero Katharina Saurwein, who contested 110 bouldering world cups in her long career, it was the last qualifying round of her career. She will now continue her farewell tour on the big stage in Olympiaworld when the semi-finals will take place on Friday from 13.00 p.m. onwards. “Above all, it was incredibly tough, a real struggle to get through it. The boulders were really cool, but really difficult - unfortunately a bit too difficult for me, ”said the 30-year-old from Innsbruck, who had not yet reached the semi-finals this season. Climbing into the semifinals with a top surprised her the most: “I wouldn't have thought of reaching the semifinals with this performance! And I'm really looking forward to climbing again in front of the home crowd at Olympiaworld. There were already a lot of people there for today's qualification, and the atmosphere in the Olympiaworld will be fantastic again. You saw with Jakob and Jessy how the mail went off. It's a dream that I made it to the semi-finals. "

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Repeat the Boulder qualification

Ladies semifinal in bouldering on Friday

The 20 best athletes of today's qualification will boulder on Friday (14.09.2018) at 13.00 p.m. in the Olympiaworld for the final tickets (LIVE STREAM). The finale is also available in the Olympiaworld from 19.00 clock (LIVE STREAM). Tomorrow Wednesday the men will carry out their bouldering qualification in the climbing center Innsbruck (LIVE STREAM) before the paraclimbers of categories B1, B2, B3 (visual impairments), AU2 male and AL2 male start.

Credits: Text Ben Lepesant and Martin Roseneder, pictures Austria Climbing

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