A woman fell on Tuesday morning ascending to Piz Bernina. She sustained fatal injury.

Shortly after 5.13 a.m., the cantonal police in Graubünden received a message that Rega had been ordered to deploy in the Fuorcla Prievlusa area. A 34-year-old Swiss woman was on the way up from the Tschiervahütte with her life partner to Piz Bernina.

Fatal fall after rock outbreak

During the ascent, the woman wanted to hold onto a rock, whereupon it came loose and the young climber plunged 50 to 100 meters into the depth. She sustained fatal injuries. The salvage was carried out by Rega. The Graubünden cantonal police determine the exact course of the accident.

34-year-old climber died on Piz Bernina
The 34-year-old was on the way to Piz Bernina with her partner. (Picture Graubünden Cantonal Police)

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Credits: Cover picture Marco Zanoli/CC BY 3.0, Text message from the Graubünden cantonal police