Barbara Zangerl has been roaming more northerly regions for a few days and reports that she has been on the runout-heavy route Muy Caliente (E10 6c) at Stennis Ford, Pembroke in Wales.

The route Muy Caliente (E10 6c) was first acquired by British climber Tim Emmett in year 2010 after working on the route for a year. The first part of the route follows Ghost Train and then go left into the "No-Fall-Zone". The last placement in this area is soon so far behind that a fall would result in ground contact. So it's not a funny thing. But no reason to put off Tim Emmet (first ascent) and a few months later Dave Macleod (repetition).

Flash attempt by James Pearson in the year 2014

Even less of the run-our let James Pearson, the four years after the first ascent of Muy Caliente made a flash attempt. Unfortunately, a mistake in the Crux made a dash for him. Nevertheless, the fact that James climbed the route the following day in the second attempt without further ado.

James Pearson in the climb of Muy Caliente

Tim Emmett at the first ascent of Muy Caliente

Credits: picture @paolosartophoto

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