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Seb Berthe repeats Trad masterpiece Bon Voyage (9a)

Seb Berthe secures the third ascent of Bon Voyage in Annot, probably the most difficult trad route in the world.

James Pearson repeats Immortal (E11, 7b) and downgrades | A never grading story

Déja vu, but reversed: James Pearson repeats Immortal (E11, 7b) by Franco Cookson and downgrades the line.

James Pearson dares to rate E12 for Bon Voyage – Why he exposes himself a second time

After much consideration, James Pearson awards the grade E2 for the second time. Which leads him to make Bon Voyage the hardest trad route.

Risky trad ascents on family vacations

James Person and Caroline Ciavaldini commit several infamous and dangerous trad lines while on family holiday in North Wales.

Seb Berthe flashes trad classic Le Voyage (E10, 7a)

Seb Berthe manages the flash ascent of Le Voyage (E10, 7a). The Belgian is the first to succeed James Pearson's route in this style. In addition, he may also be the first climber ever to flash such a difficult trad route.

Will eGrader solve the UK grading scale problems?

The British rating scale, its complexity and, above all, its further development have been the subject of lively debate for years. Tom Randall, Neil Gresham, Steve McClure and James Pearson recently developed a tool called eGrader to make it easier to grade routes.

James Pearson climbs the Bon Voyage trad route - why he doesn't rate it

James Pearson manages the first ascent of his long-standing Trad project in Annot. Bon Voyage is probably one of the toughest trad routes in the world, and it doesn't need to fear comparisons with Tribe or Lexicon.

Baby Steps: Film about the balancing act between motherhood and climbing

The film Baby Steps by Raphaél Fourau shows the personal journey of the athlete Caroline Ciavaldini to become a mother for the second time and at the same time not to lose herself as a climber. With her story, Caroline hopes to reach out to other parents while also inspiring moms to pursue their passions.