David Firnenburg and Andrea Kümin have been in Spain since the beginning of the year. Both have set out on a difficult route - and have now successfully climbed.

David Firnenburgs The main goal of the trip to Spain was the 9a route Papichulo in Oliana. The route, which is 50 meters long and therefore endurance-heavy, was developed by Chris Sharma First started in May 2008 and has been one of the most popular routes to this degree since then. Adam Ondra, Sachi Amma, Jakob Schubert, Cédric Lachat and Margo Hayes are just a few names that can be found in the list of visitors.

“I worked hard on the route, mastered mental and physical obstacles and never lost faith in the climb. In the end everything went together and I clipped the diverter after a huge fight. "

David Firnenburg on the Papichulo crossing

David with wig in Papichulo

Andrea Kümin in the Sending Train

Andrea Kümin for its part, planned the 8c route Fish Eye, A few days ago, she too was able to successfully clip the redirector of the route. For Andrea it is the first route with this level of difficulty.

“'I'm so happy to be here in Spain, even though I had to struggle with the cold and my finger skin. This wall and these routes are just awesome! The flow when climbing the long routes, the pump in the forearms and the incredible feeling on the deflector are indescribable. "

Andrea Kümin on her passage from Fish Eye in Oliana

On the way back, the two stopped in the climbing area Les Baumes, where David quickly made the overhanging route Du Lard à l'Essai (8c / 8c +) scored.

Nina Caprez in the Route Fish Eye

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Credits: Cover picture Julia Cassou