The European Climbing Championships will take place in Moscow from November 21 to 29. The special thing about this event: An Olympic ticket is waiting for a man and a woman. There is information and live stream about the competition here.

In a normal year, such a European championship would be a real sporting highlight: four medals are awarded, in lead, speed, bouldering and Olympic Combined. And that's not all: an Olympic ticket is waiting for a man and a woman from Europe.

Important names and nations do not participate

But it's not a normal year. And that's why many important names and nations are missing from the official entry list. Those who travel to Moscow from abroad these days are usually not interested in winning the European Championship in bouldering or winning the lead. For most of the participants, this EM has only one purpose: to get the last ticket for Tokyo.

However, the way there is long and exhausting: You have to take part in all three individual competitions. An overall result is then formed from these. The best 20 will then compete against each other in the Olympic Combined qualification. All three disciplines will be held here again. The best eight of them fight for the last ticket in the combined final.

This is how the combined format works

The winner does not necessarily get the Olympic ticket

 Tickets for Tokyo but do not necessarily get the winners in the Olympic Combined: All athletes who have already qualified are excluded from the ranking. And all athletes whose country has already occupied the quota of two starters per gender are also not taken into account. A second or even third place could be enough.

Germany and Switzerland send these athletes into the race

In the men's category, the German national team has already exhausted the quota for two starters in Tokyo. None of the women climbers have yet qualified. That is why the DAV is traveling to the Russian capital with four athletes.

Switzerland is at the start with six athletes. The greatest hopes are in Bernese climber Sascha Lehmann, who wants to take the last chance at an Olympic ticket in Moscow. Next to him are Petra Klingler (already qualified for the Olympics), Katherine Choong, Nils Favre, Baptiste Omez and Dylan Chuat.

Dates of the European Championship in Moscow

Saturday, 21th November 20020

Speed ​​qualification

Speed ​​final

Sunday, 22 of November 2020

Bouldering qualification

Monday, 23 of November 2020

Bouldering semifinals

Bouldering final

Tuesday, 24th of November 2020

Lead qualification

Wednesday, 25th November 2020

Lead semifinals

Lead finals

The combined format will be broadcast live on the IFSC YouTube channel. The qualification competitions of the disciplines speed, bouldering and lead will take place on November 27, 2020 and the finals on November 28, 2020.

Qualification speed - combined format

Bouldering qualification - combined format

Qualification lead - combined format

Speed ​​Finale - combined format

Bouldering finals - combined format

Lead Finale - Combined Format

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Credits: Cover picture IFSC / Nikita Tsarev, text sections DAV