Too much callus, sweaty fingertips, skin shedding off after the first route. The list of skin problems when climbing is long. Not only for professionals, the finger skin is a central and often limiting factor for climbing success. In today's post, we'll show you how to care for your fingers. And the best: We are giving away 20 cans Climbskin cream and attach a skin file.

No matter what level you climb - your fingers need to be cared for. Because what is more annoying than cracks in the cornea or sweaty fingertips? The recipe for success for good finger skin is the right combination of cream and file. Here is a list of tips that you should implement.

Four steps to better skin

  1. Say no to Liquid Chalk
    If possible, you should avoid liquid magnesium. The substances contained, primarily the alcohol, dry your skin excessively.
  2. Cut or file skin parts
    After a long day of climbing, you should remove every little piece of skin on your hands. You can do this with a nail clip or a file. This prevents that protruding skin fragments get stuck in sharp areas. Then wash your hands thoroughly to remove dirt and magnesium.
  3. Level deep cracks or holes
    If you have made a "cut", you should disinfect the wound and wait until the bleeding stops. Then you should file the skin around the wound to compensate for the "height difference".
  4. Mask the wound on the fingers
    If you decide to continue climbing with sore fingers, tap them with a thin strip and several turns. You start at the fingertip and continue to work in the direction of the hand. So the tape sticks longer. Change it as soon as it relaxes. The most suitable is the leucotape used in medicine.
Cracks in the skin can be avoided with proper finger care.

Hand cream increases the elasticity of your skin

Whoever climbs forms calluses. And as we learned today, excessive calluses need to be removed. At the same time, of course, it is important to have enough skin on your fingertips. However, this should not be too dry and "brittle". For this reason, it is important to regularly cream your fingers and hands, at least after every day of climbing. This increases the elasticity of the skin and lowers the risk of cracks and cuts. The challenge is to find a cream that doesn't smear too much and still works.

Use a file to remove excess skin on your fingers.

Climbskin hand cream - pure nature

In all the climbing years, we have already tested numerous products. From the classic level cream in the blue can to hemp cream from the body shop up to Climbskin, We stayed with the latter. Climbskin combines various natural substances, absorbs quickly and can therefore be applied to the rock even before a session without having to smear it on the handles.

“Climbskin is awesome. The cream is not greasy, is quickly absorbed and helps your finger skin to regenerate faster! " - Chris Sharma

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