The German alpinist Michi Wohlleben once again manages a difficult trad route in Bürs. He is the third to repeat the psychogram (8b +) route, which is mentally and technically demanding.

Most is Michi Wohlleben known as an alpinist. In the recent past, it has also been heard in the field of sports climbing. One of his highlights this year is to walk the Trad Route Principle of hope on the Bürser plate as well as the Voralpsee test piece Speed ​​Intégrale, With relatively little effort, it is now possible to inspect one of the Alex Luger first started route: psychogram (8b +).

“I was on the route for the first time on November 21, 2019 and was able to climb it in the top rope on the second day. Then it dragged on for a while. The temperatures were anything but ideal. The cold often thwarted my plans. "

Michi Wohlleben on the inspection of the psychogram on the Bürser Platte
Michi Wohlleben climbing the psychogram route (8b +). (Photo by Alexander Fux)

The situation was different for Michi on November 16, 2019. The strong hair dryer brought higher temperatures to the Brush plate.

“On the day of the ascent it was almost too warm. But thanks to the strong wind it was very dry and I had plenty of time to try to get through, which I succeeded straight away. "

Michi Wohlleben
(Photo Rainer Eder)

The technical and difficult climbing route psychogram was created by the Vorarlberg Alex Luger First started in 2014 and repeated three times since then, including by Jacopo Larcher and Michi Wohlleben.

Michi Wohlleben inspecting a psychogram (8b +)

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Credits: Cover picture Alexander Fux