The German alpinist Michi Wohlleben is known for the ascent heavy mixed routes, More Rockclimbing or his Winter ascent at the Drei Zinnen, The following video shows him in sneakers in icy terrain.

Michi Wohlleben has reckoned with icy surfaces during his after-work training in the Alpstein Mountains (Altenalentürme), because light crampons hang from his climbing harness and he is traveling with an ice pick. Nevertheless, he renounces the climb on the metal on the feet and relies on his sneakers. The following video shows the hair-raising rise.

Michi Wohlleben in sneakers in icy ascent

Credits: Video zVg

2 replies to "Hair-raising after-work tour with sneakers and ice ax"

  1. Well, now half-time: Latest from the middle video Michi mounted the crampons (for the descent).
    And by the way: What is this video about? It's ridiculously banal. The whole of YouTube is filled with such "hair-raising heroic deeds".

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