The Japanese climber Sachi Amma manages to climb the most difficult route to date in his home country: Maturity (9a +).

Sachi worked on his "Dragon Wall Project" for two months, tinkering with individual moves, improving precision and optimizing the climbing speed. A few days ago, the countless hours and days he invested in the project paid off. According to his words after the inspection: “You will feel what happened yesterday from this face. DW project is done. It was cold and sunny day. I committed totally on the project the day before. So I was tired and relaxed. It helped to stay in the moment while I am climbing. There were nothing to lose. So many things happened in me through this project. All the experience is my treasure. “The route in the Gozen-Rock climbing area near Okutama (Tokyo) is currently the most difficult climbing route in Japan.

The joy of practicing Maturity is great in Sachi Amma (picture Hiroki Hori)
The joy of practicing Maturity is great with Sachi Amma. (Picture Hiroki Hori)

DW-Project becomes Maturity

The project, which is now no longer, now bears the name Maturity (9a +) and was created by Sachi Amma in collaboration with Adam Ondra in March 2016. It was a new experience for Sachi to set up a route from the ground up, and then score points as well. It was this process that gave the route its name. Because Sachi says he has matured through and with the route and have learned a lot.

Credits: Picture Sachi Amma


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