Already in January we headlined, Sachi Amma would have with Maturity (9a +) opened the most difficult route in Japan. That was correct too. Only the 29 year-old already laid down a few months. He succeeds in the commission of a second project in the climbing area Gozen Rock: Soul Mate (9b).

"I was playful, joyful, challenging, silence and sensitive with a little bit of tension and fear. When I grab the last jug, everything was released, ”wrote Sachi Amma last week. The said final grab was part of his long-term project "ElephantRock project" in the Gozen Rock climbing area near Tokyo.

Soul Mate (9b, soft)

Sachi set up the route in December of last year, after boarding the Maturity (9a +) succeeded. Since then, Sachi has returned every week to work on his gigantic project for at least one day. "It was really difficult to grade. Because the crux part is really bouldery and reachy. It is V14 / 8b + for me. But it can be V13 / 8b or V15 / 8c by physique and ability, ”he explains. Sachi classifies the new route with the name Soul Mate as 9b (soft).

Alone on this train Sachi worked two days

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Second 9b for Sachi Amma

Three years ago, Sachi Amma traveled to Spain to climb a number of difficult routes. Said and done. In the three weeks of his stay, he climbed three 9a routes, three 9a + routes and one 9b. In the same year he scored a number of other 9er routes and completed the year 2015 with 10 routes in the ninth grade of France. It was his most successful year of his career so far.

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