Since the end of June, Adam Ondra is on a longer climbing trip in Canada. In the calcareous climbing area Acephale near Canmore, the Czechs succeeded in onsighting the route First Flight (8c +). He climbed the same day Ojas (8b +) - also onsight.

Lately Adam Ondra has devoted himself to training and has had some obligations from his sponsors. All the greater was his joy about the upcoming trip: “It feels great to be on a rockclimbing trip again. Lots of hiking, incredible wild nature, cold and windy conditions. "

Two onsight visits in one day

At the beginning of his Canada trip was Adam but badly followed by bad weather. "We encounter water in many different occasions here in Canada. Water can be beautiful to look at, water can be frustrating thing to see on the rock while it seeps. Let's hope we get rid of the less cool occasions for the rest of our trip in Canmore, ”he commented on the lousy weather. Despite the poor conditions, Adam committed tough routes like Endless Summer (8b) or Existence Mundane (8c) onsight. His latest coup is two on-sightings in a single day, by name First Flight (8c +) and Ojas (8b +) in the climbing area Acephale near Canmore.

Adam Ondra - The joy of first flight on-sighting First Flight is great
The joy of First Flight's onsight visit is great (pic Petr Pavlicek)

Fight Club as the declared goal of the trip

Of course, after these onsight inspections, we are all the more curious about what Adam Ondra's Plans with the heaviest route in Canada, Fight Club (9b) are. One thing is certain: he will try to climb the route as fast as possible. The chances of a quick committing of Fight Club are definitely intact, because Adam Ondra proved with 9a (onsight) and 9a + (flash) in the past, that he has nerves of steel and almost endless stream in the forearms. The first ascent of the heaviest route in Canada, Fight Club, Incidentally, none other than Alex Megos. Das Video you will find in the following article.

Video of Alexander Megos in the first 9b of Canada

Credits: Cover picture Petr Pavlicek

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