Adam Ondra once again makes headlines with an extraordinary performance. Shortly after the Opening of the first 9a of Bosnia The Czech traveled to Croatia and climbed with it spomin (8c, 350m) one of the hardest multi-pitch tours in the country onsight.

Actually, it's no wonder what Adam Ondra so everything climbs. But when you think back to what it means for a slightly wider mass of top climbers, then you're pretty astonished again. At the route spomin in the Paklenica National Park in Slovenia is a route that the legendary Slovenian trio Silvo Karo, Janez Jeglič and Franček Knez started in 1984. The three Slovenes named the route Spomin, which they climbed in a technical style.

First free red point ascent by Luka Kranjc

It took more than thirty years to complete the multi-pitch tour on the colossal Anića Kuk wall in the national park Paklenica was climbed free. It was the Slovene Luka Kranjcwho was able to complete the redpoint walk after some 27 attempts.

Luka Kranjc made the first redpoint ascent of the route Spomin in the year 2017
Luka Kranjc managed the first red point ascent of the Spomin route in 2017 (picture Marko Prezelj).

Adam Ondra came, saw and won

Slightly fewer attempts were needed for the second visit to the Czech Republic known to us Adam Ondra. A few days ago, he got all the lengths of the tour onsight. "The route is massive, steep and absolutely enjoyable to climb. Very happy to have done this beast onsight yesterday, ”says Adam, visibly enthusiastic.

Adam Ondra full of anticipation for the key length of Spomin

One might think that this picture was taken after the passage through Spomin. But that is not the case. The picture clarifies something for Adam Ondra is significant. It shows his almost endless desire for climbing and the shifting of boundaries.


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Credits: Cover picture Petr Jan Juracka, Picture in the article Marko Prezelj

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