The German climbing pro Alexander Megos announces the first ascent of the route A life in orange (8c +) in the Superbowl sector at Waterfall Boven, east of Johannesburg.

Alex Megos is not only known for his yellow T-shirts, which he has made his trademark. He is much more famous for hard rock climbing. He has been traveling in South Africa for a long time (LACRUX reported). In addition to hard bouldering in the Rocklands, he has been dedicated to the rope for a few days

First ascent of A life in Orange at Waterfall Boven

How versatile Alex is, he proves with his latest coup: The first ascent of A Life in Orange (8c +) in the Superbowl sector at Waterfall Boven. “I looked at this brilliant project and it turned out that it is not only climbable, but also one of the coolest first ascents I've ever done. A fantastic route, ”writes Alex enthusiastically.

Credits: picture Ken Etzel


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