On his trip to the bouldering area of ​​Hueco in the United States, Alexander Megos boulders the two classics Alma Blanca (8b) and Esperanza (8b +) in a few trials.

“The pull on the 'bones' of the Fred Nicole Boulders Esperanza (8b +) felt on his last trip to Hole impossible ”, says Alexander Megos.. Now, six years later, he manages to climb through without any difficulty. Three days later, Alexander Megos reports again: "Yet another Fred Nicole classic that I couldn't do last time I was here: Alma Blanca (8b), First Ascent 2001." At the speed of the ascent, we are curious to see which line Alex is next will envisage. Maybe Terremer (8c), see last video in the post?

Video: Alexander Megos at the celebration of Alma Blanca (8b)


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Chris Sharma at the celebration of Esperanza (8b +) in Hueco

Paul Robinson commits Terremer (8c)

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Credits: Cover picture Thomas Ballenberger / Red Bull Content Pool


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