Alexander Rohr starts the new year at a very good pace. In January, the Bernese moved to the Spanish Oliana, where he climbed some difficult routes in just a few attempts.

Last year, Alexander ran in top form. He climbed Chromosomes Y in Charmey (8c + / 9a), Muy Verdes (8c) in norwegian Flatanger or L'appel de la forêt (8c) in Chuenisberg. At the same pace, the new year begins for the Bernese.

After just four attempts, Rollito Ninja (8c) climbed

At the beginning of the year Alex moved to the Spanish climbing area Oliana. The area is known for its high density of ultra-heavy routes on the beautiful rock roller. Already in the first days he succeeded Duels la realidad (8c +), a route he already checked out on his last spanish trip. This year, it worked in a few experiments and he comments: "I blown away by my personal progress in terms of power and sending almost." Apparently, he has but a more difficult route envisaged and dedicated to this a little more intense. Nine days later, on the 19. January, he does not announce the passage of his project, but the passage of Rollito Ninja, an 8c route that scores in just four tries. The route is waiting with a strong entry and a very pumping finish on repeaters.

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