After almost 200 days of corona-related competition break, the Bächli Swiss Climbing Cup continued on Saturday. Among the elite athletes, Anne-Sophie Koller and Dylan Chuat climbed to the lead championship. As part of the Mammut Youth Climbing Cup, the fastest speed climbers were chosen in the junior categories.

For Anne-Sophie Koller (Biel BE), yesterday's competition day in Villeneuve couldn't have gone better. In the two qualifying rounds she was the only athlete to achieve both tops and the Bieler didn't let anything go in the final either. Only she was able to climb to the top on the final route and won the championship title. Michelle Hulliger (Ramsei BE) climbed to second place. Third was Katherine Choong (Glovelier JU). In fourth place, Petra Klingler (Bonstetten ZH) just missed the podium.

With two tops each in the qualification, gentlemen Nino Grünenfelder (Baar ZG) and Sascha Lehmann (Burgdorf BE) led the intermediate rankings. In the final, however, Dylan Chuat (Vernayaz VS) succeeded, climbing the highest of all six finalists and thus celebrating his first lead Swiss championship among the elite. The silver medal went to Sascha Lehmann. Julien Clémence (Gisikon LU) completed the podium in third place.

52 athletes from all over Switzerland took part in the Swiss championships. (Image
52 athletes from all over Switzerland took part in the Swiss championships. (Image

Joëlle Niederberger and Dario Jost triumph in the U18

For the U18 athletes, the lead competition in the Grimper climbing hall was the first test of strength on a national level after a long break. Joëlle Niederberger (Oberhofen BE) showed a strong competition from the start and secured the gold medal in the final ahead of Marilu Sommer (Chur GR). Liv Egli (Hünibach BE) climbed to 3rd place.

In the U18 men’s qualification, four athletes took first place. In the final, Dario Jost (Fanas GR) clearly prevailed over his rivals and won the race for the championship title. Vivian Fumeaux (Pont-de-la-Morge VS) and Jonas Utelli (Thun BE) took second and third place.

Young athletes climb for speed championship titles

The athletes between the ages of 10 and 15 competed in their first competition of the season, which was also held in Villeneuve, in the fastest discipline, speed climbing. Jil Couture (Biel BE) and Romain Sabatier (Echandens VD) won gold in the U16 category. Nina Hentschel (Allschwil BL) and Iso Graf (Pfäffikon ZH) became Swiss champions in the U14 category. Among the youngest climbers, the two U12 athletes Seraina Hilty (Illnau ZH) and Julian Hagenow (Rain LU) took first place.

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