Last Thursday, Babsi Zangerl got the first repetition of the Kammerlander route combat zone in the Rätikon. On the following Sunday Jacopo also made short work of it and climbed the multi-pitch route rotpunkt.

The Vorarlberg native succeeded on August 6, 2020 Barbara Zangerl the first iteration of the route Kampfzone (8b +, 5 SL) in the climbing area Rätikon. The multi-pitch tour was launched in 2012 by the Austrian Beat Kammerlander Drilled in from below and freely climbed in 2017. After that it was quiet about the difficult tour, for which Beat Kammerlander stated 8c- as the degree of difficulty.

The climbing is extremely difficult and the rock quality is something of the best I know.

Beat Kammerlander

Babsi and Jacopo do not hesitate long

It took a long time before the first repetition came up. But Babsi and had to make many attempts Jacopo do not invest in the red point ascent. They only invested two days in bouldering out the route at the Kleiner Turm before they could climb the route redpoint. Babsi climbed the route last Thursday, accompanied by the fitter Beat Kammerlander and took home the first iteration of the route. Her boyfriend, Jacopo Larcher, then got the red point ascent on the following Sunday.

Babsi climbed the entire route perfectly and climbed every length absolutely flawlessly in the first go. She climbed as if from another planet. Babsi, you are my heroine!

Beat Kammerlander on the ascent of Babsi Zangerl

Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher are among the strongest climbers in the world and are best known for climbing difficult multi-pitch and big wall routes. Among other things, the two routes come like The nose at El Capitan, Odyssey on the north face of the Eiger, or Headless Children in the Rätikon.

During her inspection, Babsi was accompanied by the route planner, Beat Kammerlander. (Photo Babsi Zangerl)

Facts about the multi-pitch route Kampfzone in the Rätikon

Five pitches: SL1: 8b +, SL2: 8b +, SL3: 8a +, SL4: 7a, SL5: 7c
Small tower, Rätikon
Further information:

The route from the Kampfzone am Kleiner Turm in the Rätikon (Photo Beat Kammerlander)
The route from the Kampfzone am Kleiner Turm in the Rätikon (Photo Beat Kammerlander)

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