The master himself once again gives the Rätikon a special class testpiece: Battle Zone (6 SL, 8c, 8a obl.).

As Beat communicated this week, he was able to successfully climb his long-term combat zone project (8c) in the Rätikon. â € œOn 14. August 2017 did a complete redpoint walk. The route is â € œKampfzoneâ €, Lokation is the Small Tower in the RÞdikon, the climbing is extremely difficult and the rock quality is some of the best I know. The route was first arrived before 5 years in an uncompromising free climbing style from below, therefore, difficulties are to climb to 8a mandatory. Difficulties: 1.Sl. 8b +, 2.Sl. 8c, 3.Sl. 8a + -, 4. Sl. 7a, 5. 7câ € explains Beat on the 10. September of this year.

Silbergeier attracts international climbing elite

Beat Kammerlander's routes are known. World famous. One of the most visited tours is Silver Vulture in the same area as Battle Zone. The route is on the fourth Kirchlispitze, extends over six rope lengths with difficulty to 8b + on the Begeher. The list of enthusiasts suggests that the red-vein inspection of silver vultures is only reserved for a few athletes: Adam Ondra, Nalle Hukkataival, Fabian Buhl or Nina Caprez and Cedric Lachat (list not conclusive) were able to score the route successfully.

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Picture: Hannes Mair


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  1. Worth mentioning, perhaps, is that Beat Kammerlander has used a funny sikatrick to help him start the route â € œfrom downâ €.
    What the weird sikatrick is, the journalists of lacrux can check out ðŸ~ ‰

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