The French professional climber Seb Bouin and his compatriot Charles Albert visited the sport climbing Mecca Céüse to plan the Ratstaman Vibration route.

It is an extraordinary team: Sébastien Bouin, classic sport climber, did himself with the boulderer Charles Albert together, who is known for bouldering barefoot. Both belong to the very top of their discipline.

Charles Albert opened the second boulder with a difficulty level of 9a. This grade still has to be confirmed and was rated by the first repeater as 8c + / 9a. One thing is clear: the boulder is one of the hardest in the world.

For his part, Seb Bouin has already climbed several times at grade 9b / 9b +, so he has been scratching the absolute difficulty limit of 9c for some time.

Strong team grit their teeth in Sharma project

The reason for the unfamiliar rope team is an old and not yet used line of Chris Sharma: Ratstaman vibration. In the following video you will get an insight into planning the route. Let's get one thing straight: Both of them confirm that the route is damn difficult. Possibly another candidate for grade 9c.

Seb Bouin and Charles Albert in Ratstaman Vibration

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Credits: Cover picture Relais Vertical