The French climber Seb Bouin managed the second ascent of the endurance monster Move in Flatanger. Move (9b / 9b +) is one of the heaviest routes in the world. The route was first extended to 2013 by Adam Ondra.

It's the hardest route, the Frenchman Seb Bouin ever climbed. After several years of projecting Seb gets the second ascent of Route Move Flatanger, Norway.

The route consists of two 9a routes. The first part extends over 45 meters in overhanging and persistent terrain. After that, an 10 meter bouldering spot is waiting to be hit.

55 meter divided into two 9a routes. (Picture Raphael Fourau / Black Diamond)

“The first 9a section can tire you so much that you lack the explosive power for the bouldering area. In order to score the route, you have to be able to climb the first 9a without any problems. "

Seb Bouin on the climb route Move (9b / 9b +)

For Seb BouinIf you have already climbed several dozen routes between 9a and 9a + / 9b, configuring Move was a logical next step.

“The route felt completely impossible to me six years ago. But now it was the perfect challenge. "

Seb Bouin in Route Move (9b / 9b +), (Picture Raphael Fourau / Black Diamond)

When Seb Bouin first started working on Move seriously, he could not climb the upper second part of the route. He doubted and even considered throwing the beggar back. Fortunately, he decided differently. Back in France he trained specifically indoor as well as on the rock.

“The plan worked. On my second trip to Norway, I was able to climb the upper part of the route on the second day. "

View from the climbing area Flatanger in Norway
View from the climbing area Flatanger in Norway, (Picture Raphael Fourau / Black Diamond)

Nevertheless, it still did not work out with the complete boarding. Several times flew Seb Bouin back to Norway. Determination and mental endurance have paid off. With the redpoint walk Seb not only manages the first repetition of the route, but also the ascent of the most difficult route for him to date.

These routes scored Seb Bouin until now

The film about the projecting phase in Move

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Credits: Cover picture Raphael Fourau

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