The Catalan province of Lleida and with it the world-famous sports climbing area of ​​Oliana was hit by a major fire. There are no injuries. The extinguishing work is still ongoing.

The weekend flared up in the municipalities of Peramola and Oliana a big fire. A total of 44 ground troops and seven fire-fighting aircraft/helicopters were deployed.

Flames below and above the famous rock roller

According to current information, the fire started in the fields below the climbing area and, driven by the strong wind, quickly moved towards the famous Oliana rock roller.

Luckily no one was hurt, but the damage to vegetation is irreparable. An area of ​​approx. 123 hectares around the rock ledge was destroyed by the major fire. Accordingly, the climbing is also affected by the fire, as local colleague Ivan Torres Murillo tells us on request.

«The rock on the left side of the wall is damaged. What the situation in the main sector looks like is not yet known»

Ivan Torres Murillo

It is also very likely that most of the fixexes in the more difficult routes of the main sector are damaged. The exact extent of the damage to the world-class climbing area is not yet clear. We will report here as soon as more details are known.

Image of the fire around the Oliana climbing area

  • Feuer_Brand_Oliana_Klettergebiet_Spain_Credits-Dan-Forgeng
  • Feuer_Brand_Oliana_Kletterort_Spain_no-injured_credits-Dan-Forgeng
  • Feuer_Brand_Oliana_Klettergebiet_abhalb-und-unterhalb-brand_Spain_Credits-Dan-Forgeng
  • Fire_Brand_Oliana_climbing_area_above-and-below-brand_Spain_before-after_Credits-Dan-Forgeng

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