EDELRID calls on the owners of the “Turn” roll to check the riveting of their rolls. The batch XXXX 18-150 is affected (XXXX stands for an individual consecutive number and is not relevant for the test).

Background of the call is the fact that a role with a defective riveting was found. The axis holding the roll and the two side plates together was not completely riveted on a single roll. A side plate can thus loosen and release the rope unintentionally.

The roll concerned is sold under the name "Turn". It cannot be ruled out that further rolls of this batch with incorrect riveting are in circulation.

Owners of the pulley turn are asked to check the product

In the interests of customer safety, EDELRID has decided to launch a call for a security check. The owners of rolls with the designation "Turn" of the corresponding batch XXXX 18-150 are called upon to check whether the rivet head on the side plate has the minimum diameter of 8,7 mm. You can find detailed test instructions under the following link:

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An affected role must be withdrawn from use immediately and sent back to EDELRID for a free exchange.

Examination instructions - Edelrid Turn

The product "Turn" of batch XXXX 18-150 is affected by the call for a safety check (XXXX stands for an individual consecutive number and is not relevant for the check).


First, check whether you have a product of the affected batch. The lot number is located on the front of the roll.


Should you have a role of affected batch (XXXX 18-150) check that there is a white “e” on the back.


Use a vernier caliper to check the diameter of the rivet head. All you have to do is check the rivet head on the front of the reel.

At this address you have to send the pulley turn

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