The Swiss professional climber Cédric Lachat successfully climbs the Oliana routes American Hustle (8c) and Gorilas en la niebla (8b +) in an onsight style.

Was in December 2019 Cédric Lachat already in the climbing area OlianaTo Pachamama (9a +). Unfortunately, he had to go back home without doing anything, but had a good reason to return.

Cédric during one of his trials in December 2019

He has been back in Spain for a few days now and is working on his project again. It wasn't enough for Pachamama, but Cédric doesn't have to hide with the two most recent ascents: he climbs American Hustle (8c) and Gorillas in the Mist (8b +) onsight. And it looks promising for Pachamama too.

"I am close to the ascent of Pachamama and will certainly score points on the route soon."

Cédric Lachat

Pachamama is just an intermediate stage. After successfully completing the route Cédric namely climbing the 9b version of the route.

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Credits: Cover picture Cédric Lachat

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