The Swiss Cédric Lachat manages the famous Oliana route Pachamama (9a +). It is his sixth route to this degree.

Nachdem Cédric Lachat has climbed routes in the 9a range several times in the recent past, he was looking for a new challenge. He found it in a 9b route, which is derived from the routes Pachamama and Papichulo composed and rated 9b. The route is called Mamichula and was first started by Adam Ondra in 2017. The route was repeated for the first time a year ago by the French Sébastien Bouin.

“I wanted to plan a 9b. After receiving information about Mamichula, I decided to go with this line. It is very long and not so dependent on the conditions. Scoring Pachamama was the first step towards an ascent of Mamichula. "

Cédric Lachat

The first intermediate stage - Pachamama (9a +) to score - reached Cédric Lachat in a relatively short time. He planned the route for around ten days during a trip Katherine Choong and invested another ten days of his current stay until the climb was successful.

Last key position just before the deflector

The Pachamama route awaits potential visitors with three key points. The first place consists of strips and a jump to a hole. After a bad point of rest at underhand grips, the middle and very endurance-heavy part of the route follows with small grips. Another and final key point must then be mastered shortly before the deflector.


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Credits: Cover picture Julia Cassou Photography

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