As part of his Vintage Rock Tour, Seb Bouin climbed the route De l'autr côté du ciel and sustained an injury.

What is the title of “Climbing until the Ribs Break” all about? Quite simply: the French Sébastien Bouin Broke his rib while repeating the futuristic sport climbing route from Fred Rouhlingthat comes up with numerous crusades, dynamos and spins.

For the notorious crusade to the two-finger hole, Seb Bouin evidently built up so much tension that one of his ribs broke.

The wide crusade into the two-finger hole is so intense that I broke a rib. I heard a crack on the train.

Seb Bouin

The said crusade and all the other spectacular movements of the route De l'autre côté du ciel are clearly visible in the following video.

Almost exclusively artificial

The Route De l'autre côté du ciel is basically a work by Fred Rouhling. The striking rock ledge at Les Eaux Claires was originally not climbable. So Fred Rouhling worked (chipped) the rock and created artificial grips and steps.

The approach is questionable, but we leave that aside for now. The result is an undisputedly spectacular and impressive route that has never been repeated since the first ascent by Fred Rouhling in 1996 until the ascent of Seb Bouin.

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Credits: Cover picture Julien Nadires